Monday, 7 April 2014


Just an update of what i've been upto the past few weeks and what i've been buying.
Ripped jeans are from Noisy May; Vero Moda which i love! I also seem to be adopted a slight obsession for these high neck crop tops. The yellow one is from Miss Selfridge, available in sooo many colours, it was hard to choose, the other two are from River Island

What has everyone been spending their money recently?

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Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I love your Instagram photos, you look great, love your blog! :))

  2. Love that crop top, so chic, you look gorgeous !
    Do visit my blog & if you like, follow me on GFC, Bloglovin & Twitter, leave a comment & I'll surely follow back! Have a lovely day!

    Feisty Fox Diaries

  3. nice photos! love your nail polish :)

  4. hey sweetie!!!

    I just found your blog , I totally love it!

    Your outfits are crazy, so stylish :) I love

    your fashion posts as well..!!! Would you like

    to follow each other in order to stay in touch?

    I would love to!!!!

    Greetings from Greece


  5. Those jeans are gorgeous! So chic! And I love the nail varnish colour too :) x

    Kathryn | effievanity


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